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Please see the "Photography" page and find the service you'd like, and my prices will be there.


Personal & Family

Anything ranging from modeling and cosplay to a big family photoshoot!


One Person       - $175

up to 3 People   - $225


up to 6 People   - $300


up to 12 People - $425

1/2 HOUR


One Person        - $90


up to 3 People    - $150



Mini-shoots are a great way to try out my service without a big commitment on time or money! Get in touch to see when

the next mini-shoot is near you!


Birthday parties, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, office parties, weddings... anything! 

25~ People or Less (small birthday party, baby shower, etc)

$175/first hour
$50/hr after first 


60~ People or Less (bigger parties, office parties, etc)

$250/first hour

$100/hr after first



$300/first hour
$120/hr after first


Bat/Bar Mitzvah
Practice Torah Reading: $225 (1 hr)

Personal Shoot with up to 4 family members: $175 (1 hr)

 Celebration: $250/first hour

$100/hr after first


If there's an event type not listed or you have any questions,

please email me at

or reach out through text: 513-726-3083


Need photos of your products, or maybe images to spruce up your social media and website? Maybe you just want headshots of your hard-working employees! You're in the right place.

Product Photography

*due to the varied nature of needs for product photography, these prices are an estimate. Please contact me for a quote for your specific needs!

Up to 10 products / poses: $150

Up to 20 products / poses: $300

Up to 40 products / poses: $500


Employee Headshots

Up to 5 people:    $200

Up to 15 people:   $450

Up to 40 people:  $840
Up to 100 people: $2100



For small businesses, I also offer:

  • Photoshoots of your workplace and materials for marketing
  • Assistance with social media and marketing
  • Graphic Design including logos

Contact me at or

text me at 513-726-3083 to see how I can help you!


Our furry (or beaky or scaly) companions are just as much a part of our family as the people and they need photoshoots too!


Needs for pet photoshoots vary greatly, so please contact me for a quote for your specific situation!


Up to 3 Pets:



$100/½ hr




$85/½ hr



I offer mini-shoots for pets, too! This is a great way to get a handful of beautiful photos for a fraction of the cost and time!
Contact me to find out when the next mini-shoot day is! ( )

Purchase Your Photos

Okay, you've done the shoot, you've picked your favorite photos and they are now beautifully edited. Now it's time to get what you came for! Luckily I offer many options from digital to prints to fit your needs and budget!



Delivered Digitally via Google Drive

[Download to your computer and print at your leisure!]


One flat price: $75

CD with Fully Printable,

No-Watermark Edited Photos
[Download your photos and share everywhere, anytime;

perfect for longer shoots, long term storage and professionals]

A CD with up to


50 unique photos:  $75

100 unique photos:  $125

   200 or more:         $200

You can purchase high quality, long-lasting prints and gifts, too!

Glossy & Matte Print       
          Price   (ea)
 4"x6" $3
 5"x7"  $5
 8"x10" $10
 11"x14" $20
 12"x18" $30
 16"x20" $50

Metallic Print

(metallic vs metal print)

5"x7" $10
8"x10" $20
11"x14" $30
 Prints on Metal
(metallic vs metal print)
 5"x7" metal panel + easel $35 
12"x12" metal panel $50
11"x14" metal panel $60 
Custom Collage Print Price
8"x10" $20
11"x14" $25
12"x12" $25
12"x18" $30
16"x20" $40
  Custom Photo Gifts                Price
4"x6" Softcover Book              $35
8"x8" Softcover Book (starts at) $50
8"x8" Hardcover Book (starts at) $70
8"x11" Hardcover Book (starts at) $80
12"x12" Hardcover Book (starts at) $90
Reusable Grocery Bag              $20
Mouse Pad              $15
Travel Mug (with handle)              $22
Ceramic Mug (11oz)              $15
Fleece Blanket              $70


(custom cover, lined pages)

Business Items Price
Custom Business Cards x100 $70
(Please inquire about larger qty's) -
Model Comp Cards x25 $50


We Have Giftcards!

Don't need a photoshoot for yourself? 


I guarantee you know someone who does!


Put any amount on a giftcard for someone special and they can put it towards any service I offer!

Contact me now for more info on the

best gift ever!


  • Prices and services are subject to change at any time without notice
  • Traveling fees may be added to any shoot 
  • An initial payment is required to book your time. This is nonrefundable in the case of cancellation but counts towards your total bill. If the first date is cancelled, a new initial payment must be paid to book the next date.
  • I could never put into words how much your support means to me. Thank you for reading this far and, if you decide to book a shoot, for helping me achieve my dream!