Cosplay Photography


My standard pricing for photography at conventions is shown in the graphic (either to the left or above).

This is my process for convention photography:

  • Contact me, and I will have you fill out a photoshoot form, then we will sign a contract, and then you send the deposit within two weeks (less if con is in <2 weeks)
  • We will determine the best place to meet up via text
  • Photoshoot! After the photoshoot, you pay the amount due (cash is best; paypal/venmo/cashapp accepted)
  • As soon as I get home, I send contact sheets out with all the best photos from our shoot, lightly edited, and you pick your favorites (# depending on your package)
  • I edit the photos and send them to you via google drive with my logo
  • You may get in touch at any time to purchase additional edits or request additional extensive editing

On Location:

  • Pricing and procedure is the same as the Modeling Photoshoots
  • If you have a "custom" situation, I can get you a "custom" quote for your shoot! 

 Vaporeon Gijinka


Skyward Song Cosplay

@phreshxbear as Vincent Valentine 

Sopheria Cosplay
Scattered Roses Cosplay

djdatemasamune as Princess Boo
Afrogeek Cosplay as Bowsette

J. Lynn Cosplay in Kitsune-Inspired Goth Lolita Coord


Fallout 4


Kody Grant

FabricBending Cosplay as Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender

J. Lynn Cosplay as Kuroo Tetsurou (artist's rendition)

Artoria Grey as Marisa Kirisame (lolita)

J. Lynn Cosplay as fem!Gilgamesh




Jack & Ella Frost

Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) and Frozen

@silent_sarah_37 & @camxdarksword




Holly Blue Agate

Steven Universe


Skylar Sulik



 Aries & Lucy

Fairy Tail


Odin's Sphere

Ikoma & Mumei
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


If you're a cosplayer, a costume-maker, or any other sort of professional who needs a good photo or two,
email me here!
I love working with fellow artists!