Cosplay Photography


My standard pricing for photography at conventions is shown in the graphic (either to the left or above).

This is my process for convention photography:

  • Contact me, and I will have you fill out a photoshoot form, then we will sign a contract, and then you send the deposit within two weeks (less if con is in <2 weeks)
  • We will determine the best place to meet up via text
  • Photoshoot! After the photoshoot, you pay the amount due (cash is best; paypal/venmo/cashapp accepted)
  • As soon as I get home, I send contact sheets out with all the best photos from our shoot, lightly edited, and you pick your favorites (# depending on your package)
  • I edit the photos and send them to you via google drive with my logo
  • You may get in touch at any time to purchase additional edits or request additional extensive editing

On Location:

  • Pricing and procedure is the same as the Modeling Photoshoots
  • If you have a "custom" situation, I can get you a "custom" quote for your shoot! 

Princess Serenity

Sailor Moon



Fallout 4


Kody Grant




Jack & Ella Frost

Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) and Frozen

@silent_sarah_37 & @camxdarksword






Holly Blue Agate

Steven Universe


Skylar Sulik





 Aries & Lucy

Fairy Tail


Odin's Sphere

Ikoma & Mumei
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress



If you're a cosplayer, a costume-maker, or any other sort of professional who needs a good photo or two,
email me here!
I love working with fellow artists!