Valentine's Day 2017!

I have 3 super awesome Valentine's Day discounts this year!
(1) - The Perfect Gift - $150 - a jewelry box with a matching necklace and bracelet pair PLUS a gift card for an hour-long photoshoot with up to 2 people! Save +$100!


(2) - Beautiful Boudoir - $75 - a 30 minute boudoir photoshoot that comes with 5 small prints of your choice! Give the photos as a gift to a very lucky recipient or just do it to feel awesome about yourself! Save +$30!

(3) - 14% for the 14th - All couple's shoots in February get 14% off automatically!

More information about the "Perfect Gift":

I've teamed up with the amazing and talented Jeweling Mama to offer you the BEST gift this year!! 

For one flat price, you get a custom hand-made bracelet and necklace (you can choose the color scheme or choose a ready-made Valentine's Day themed set!) and a photoshoot for up to 2 people! The photoshoot is good for up to 4 years so you can give your s/o the gift on the 14th but still wait until it's warm to do the shoot outside!

Does your loved one love to take selfies? There's literally no better gift! 

Show your s/o this is a time you want to remember!

All offers good through February. Email me , text me [ 513-726-3083 ] or message me on facebook

if you are interested!

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Sand and Fire: Flame Fest 2016

Welcome to Pure Virtue Glass and Flame Fest 2016!

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Imminent Cuteness Overload!

Me and my hand-crafted, locally made, 100% vegan sign xD

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this chapter of "Baker Park Free Portraits"! It was SO MUCH FUN! I got to take pictures of so many adorable little kids! <3

As promised, I had new everything: a new sign (as you can see!) with my new logo, and a new official-looking sign up sheet. Next time I may even go as far as to get a clipboard! ;)

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, if on the hot side (pretty much everyone I saw had a sunburn blooming on their cheeks) but that didn't dampen the energy of my super-cute subjects.

Since she is royalty, I'll start the cute marathon with Princess Savannah, the tiny adorable mini-Pin who wanted to lick my face off:

Princess trying her darndest to unleash the puppy love
She's so beautiful!
She's so beautiful!
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Logo Magic & Baker Park Funnn

Thank you to everyone who participated in my first giveaway: Free Portraits at Baker Park!

It was a perfect day: sunny, gorgeous voluminous clouds, bright blue sky-- but why am I writing about it when I have pictorial evidence?

I won't post the pictures of the people I took just because I didn't get permission, but they were all just as beautiful! :D I'm so excited for this weekend: on Saturday the 15th at about 2pm I'm offering free portraits again, and this is going to be even better than last time. Everything, from the sign to the email sheet, will be new and improved! *And* I already have participants lined up and waiting!

If you want free portraits, don't hesitate! Come out and have fun in the park!

p.s. if you participate(d) and do not see your pictures within 2 days, *please* contact me. Most likely the email didn't work and I can't get in touch with you-- but I have your pictures ready to go. Please reach out! :)

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Emma Photoshoot + Social Media

It's been a busy couple of months! I spent a couple days hanging flyers around downtown Frederick and it was actually a lot of fun. The people at Market Street Fusion were exceptionally nice and I met the talent behind YostMedia, maybe to do a collab someday?! :)


If you happened to grab a paper from the flyer, thank you for taking the time! :D


I also made a GoFundMe for my mom, which you can find here: Post-Chemo Beach Trip.


Annnd I've been busy on social media:


Facebook : Sam Czeh Photography

Twitter : @SamC_Photo

What I'm most excited to show you, though, is this shoot I did with my sister, Emma. My favorite photo:

Any last words?

I did this shoot with a makeshift snoot. It was pretty hilarious to see my sister's face when I told her "I'm going to shoot you with a snoot," but anyway... When you do a quick search online, you get the impression that you need to go and get all kinds of crafts materials to make a makeshift snoot in a bind.


When you're in a bind, you don't want to go out and buy some craft material (unless you're the type to keep black foam board and special black tape on hand).


So I used what I had: black construction paper and packing tape. If you ask me, it worked out pretty well:

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