Logo Magic & Baker Park Funnn

Thank you to everyone who participated in my first giveaway: Free Portraits at Baker Park!

It was a perfect day: sunny, gorgeous voluminous clouds, bright blue sky-- but why am I writing about it when I have pictorial evidence?

I won't post the pictures of the people I took just because I didn't get permission, but they were all just as beautiful! :D I'm so excited for this weekend: on Saturday the 15th at about 2pm I'm offering free portraits again, and this is going to be even better than last time. Everything, from the sign to the email sheet, will be new and improved! *And* I already have participants lined up and waiting!

If you want free portraits, don't hesitate! Come out and have fun in the park!

p.s. if you participate(d) and do not see your pictures within 2 days, *please* contact me. Most likely the email didn't work and I can't get in touch with you-- but I have your pictures ready to go. Please reach out! :)

You may also have noticed that I started using a new logo:

I made it a few days ago (after many unworthy drafts) and it symbolizes my approach to photography and in many ways, life. I based every part of it on the flower of life , which is sacred geometry; in other words, prevalent everywhere in nature and the universe. Shaping my logo entirely around it expresses my deep and innate respect and love for the natural world, including the natural connection between our consciousnesses.

The eye represents me and how I see things. I believe I'm a successful photographer because I don't see the world the way many others do. I take a moment to look at things a little closer and see the tiny worlds in the world, and I'm often so delighted by them that I want to share. I look at a plant, a wall, a hook, and see how the beauty of the universe crafted it. I look at you, in your eyes, and I am driven to visually elucidate the eternal grace you are. Not everyone notices how beautiful the world around them is, or the world inside, and I aim to change that.

The golden dots spiraling outward represents enlightenment, awe, learning and appreciation. They spiral out like golden light (happiness and gratefulness) from within, but they can also be traveling inward: the taking in of information.

The colors are just my favorite: earthy and happy!

Let me know what you think and I can't wait to see all of you at Baker Park!